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Monitoring provides the necessary level of security to protect your home or business by allowing the alarm system to automatically send alarm signals to a local or central monitoring location. From this location, the police and/or fire department can be dispatched to the scene automatically. The typical monitoring process includes:
  • sending a signal from your alarm system to the monitoring station
  • the monitoring station attempts to contact the location to determine if the alarm was triggered accidentally or not.
  • if there is no answer at the location, or whomever answers at the location cannot satisfy the monitoring station, the Police and/or Fire Department are immediately notified.

Regardless of where your property is located, monitoring services should be an integral part of any alarm system. Security experts estimate that homes and businesses with security monitoring are over 10 times less likely to be burglarized. Additionally, a majority of law enforcement officials believe that home security monitoring is an effective deterrent. Most insurance companies also believe that monitoring is a good deterrent and even offer additional discounts on home owners insurance if you have a home security system installed that includes monitoring. (Check with your Insurance company for more details on these discounts).

Another issue to consider is monitoring requires access to your telephone line to notify the monitoring station of a security breach. Loss of the telephone connection between your property and the monitoring station means loss of security. While the telephone lines are out, your family or property are not protected by your alarm system. We offer an inexpensive backup cell phone system to protect your family and property in this situation.

As part of our analysis, PITBULL Security will offer recommendations on your monitoring needs. 

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